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The Manfunnel® Method Digital Course

WELCOME TO THE MANFUNNEL® METHOD Dating is about to change forever. You are about to deepen your connection to yourself, uncover your essence, and bring your understanding of men to the next level.


Here's what Women are saying:

I met my husband because of The Manfunnel Techniques. She made me realize that I was the one to make myself happy. After our work together, I met my husband and married him within a year...It has been the greatest experience!

I learned that you can make love happen. The Manfunnel changed the course of my life. I met my forever man in New York City within months and we are now married.

"It's uncanny how men are responding to me differently after using the simple techniques in The Manfunnel Program."- Bonnie Fahy, CEO of Source It!

"Megan is The Man Whisperer..."- Danielle Pashko, Author of "Breaking Your Fat Girl Habits"

"If you want men to fall all over you, this is the only way! It's like I have a magic wand. Every woman needs a Manfunnel"- Jenna Soard, CEO of You Can Brand

“Megan’s advice has helped me to look inward and see all of the good I have to offer. In doing that I was finally able to understand my own worth which ultimately set me up to receive all of the best things in life. The most perfect husband for me being one of those things. Don’t hesitate on saying yes to getting a little support. It could be the very thing that makes the difference for you.” -Jeannette

Megan is the relationship coach of all relationship coaches. For many women, finding your soulmate is like navigating Pandora’s box with only some being able to crack the code and live happily ever after. What I love about Megan is that she truly demystifies dating. She has a clear cut proven strategy that any woman can follow to attract and capture the man of her dreams. No one deserves to spend the rest of their life alone—and you won’t have to with Megan’s exceptional guidance." -Natasha Solea CEO Girl Chases Dreams.

“After just 5 minutes of body language coaching with Megan, I became aware of myself and was able to make minor alterations to my presence, letting my inner-beauty shine. I walked away immediately feeling energized, reinvigorated and confident! You are ah-mazing! “You’re my angel. You have gift!” (Met and Married within a year) - Nicole NYC

“For all women wanting love and guidance in dating, I highly recommend working with Megan in any capacity. I’ve seen how her work can help so much and teach women how to have a better relationships men and guide them to a better understanding of how to create a healthy relationship. If you are considering working with Megan in any capacity, I want to urge you to do it. You deserve it!" -Dr. Weiss Dr. of Psychiatry

"I'm so excited to share some Manfunnel Magic with you... Sean proposed today and I said yes without a hint of doubt in my mind. The work I've done in this group is the reason we got to this point and I am so grateful. I love myself enough to know what I deserve now and practicing that over the last few months made it possible to create a relationship that actually is everything I want!" -Jasmine Trauma Therapist

"She helped me meet, date and marry my amazing husband, somebody that I may have thought was ‘out of my league’ but helped me not only see my own value but capitalize on it. My husband is truly everything I could ever ask for and she continues to help me grow in my relationship by teaching and reminding me how to stay connected with my husband while getting the most out of our relationship. I strongly recommend anyone that is looking for love (and can’t understand why they don’t have it), or is struggling in a relationship– or just wants to smooth out the kinks of a happy and functioning relationship to work with Megan." -Laura Publisher NYC

"I met and married my high caliber man using The Manfunnel techniques in this program. This would never have happened so fast without The Manfunnel. -Lindsay TLV, Israel

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